Classic cars are desirable items. So beautiful and seductive, that they make one wonder how on earth could such beauty be created by hands of mere mortals.
With a classic car one acquires so much more than just a mundane means of transport. While a brand new car from the showroom lets you travel from A to B, a classic car gives you an opportunity to travel to the past. Travel to an era when creativity of designers and engineers was not restricted by rules, regulations or conventionalities. An era when cars were true, honest and genuine and their creators didn’t bother with things like uniformity or being environmentally friendly, an era when cars were designed by enthusiasts rather than accountants.

Welcome to the world of Ardor Cars.

Ardor Cars is the first Polish boutique, specialized in advisory services regarding acquiring and selling of classic and unique collector cars, selling brokerage, commission-based sales, composing car collections and professional help at purchasing cars at auctions.

Ardor Cars is the second branch of the Ardor brand, aside from auctions organized by the vintage and classic car auction house Ardor Auctions. It was established as a response to the demand for services based around the unique car market. It was created to cater for needs of car owners, who are not willing to entrust their cars with a regular dealer, and for those who are looking for something more than just a run-of-the-mill vehicle.

We put our main focus on unique, historically significant cars that will be remembered and are appreciated by the collectors and the market. Such cars are a perfect capital investment. If there’s one thing that our prospective buyers can be certain of, it’s that cars bought with our help are truly special – that’s for sure.