Advisory services

Cars offered by our company are truly unique machines. Thanks to our experience and careful selection process, we will meet your expectations and make your dreams of owning vintage car come true. Our team comprises exclusively experts and dedicated classic car enthusiasts, who will help you find the right car and make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase. Cars on offer are out of the ordinary and often completely unavailable on the Polish market. Our contact network of Western Europe-based car collectors will help you find the vehicle of your dreams.

We will also help you sell cars from your collections at the right price. We have a thorough insight into Polish and foreign classic car markets. Our international contact network and experience guarantee an unparalleled level of customer service – something unheard of in Poland before.

Ardor Cars is the answer to your needs. Services we provide will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Our advisory help is not limited to just selling cars. We are also eager to share our knowledge and experience in composing and expanding your car collection. Until recently, classic and unique cars were deemed a hobby, but current market trends show that they could be a viable investment as well.
We keep track of market trends and – as opposed to other companies – try and understand why some cars keep their value at a steady level, while others appreciate year by year. We know which models and which versions are the ones to pick, as well as which ones will make a particular collection complete. Our advices are tailored to match the taste of the owner, his choice of cars and how he or she will use the vehicle. We also provide advisory services regarding post-purchase actions, such as maintenance and restoration tasks. We help new owners choose people with appropriate level of craftsmanship to look after their cars. Should our customer elect to get rid of one of his or her cars, we will also choose the most profitable way of selling it.

Advisory services provided by Ardor Cars include help in purchasing cars abroad. We know how important European and international auctions are to our customers. We are always ready to accompany them at motoring events abroad, such as Techno Classica Essen, Pebble Beach or some small classic car events in Italy. We are able to provide help to customers looking for vehicles at any stage of the process, always keeping it discreet and professional.

Automobiles on offer

Jaguar XK150S 1959